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Commercial garage doors are an investment for your business. Therefore, you need durable doors installed by professionals. For the Clearfield area, that means you call Action Garage Door & Service. No matter if you require a single door or enough to equip your entire delivery bay, we will take care of it!

Garage doors are built to endure general wear and tear as well as withstand substantial weather storms. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and your commercial doors may need to be replaced entirely. When those doors are beyond repair and it’s time for new ones, trust Action to install them. Our trained professionals can easily replace those commercial doors with more modern, more durable options. We understand that garage doors are a pivotal part of your business. They are a crucial point of access for your facility. Not only are they utilized by employees they are also how products are dispatched and received. So, whether the doors have worn down over time or have been damaged by a service vehicle, there is no need to let a damaged door cause problem for your company when we can install new ones.

A new set of doors can also enhance the curb appeal of your location. If you have recently renovated or moved your facility, don’t forget to update the garage doors too! Action Garage Door & Service has an inventory unmatched anywhere along the Wasatch Front. We will work with you to find a set of commercial garaged doors that fit the style and look of your building and perform better than what you have had in the past. 

Throughout Clearfield, UT, Action Garage Door & Service is the foremost expert for commercial garage doors. Our inventory ensures you will always find the best option for your company. Whether you are outfitting an entire unloading dock or need only one door replaced, we will do it.

Our team of highly experienced personnel is always on hand to ensure that all our work is performed up to code and in a controlled manner. It’s comforting to know that your company is in good hands with a team of practiced professionals who specialize in garage door installations. Call today at 801-262-5688 to schedule a consultation.

Garage Doors for your Business in Clearfield, UT

Commercial garage installation in Clearfield, UT.

New Garage Door Installations 

Building a new facility can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. If you are in the middle of constructing a new location for your company, trust Action to install the doors for your garages. When starting from the ground up, we can quickly match the look of your new construction. We are specialists in installation as well as carrying an array of styles and options from overhead to carriage style we have something to fit the need and operating demands you have. When choosing commercial garage doors from us, you don’t have to sacrifice style over form and function. Our inventory allows for both.

Along with carrying only the highest quality and top performing garage door selection, you have a professional installation team at the ready. This means we back all our work with a guarantee for parts and services. Our standards are unparalleled for everything we do, making us the front-runners for the industry.

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