The track on your garage door guides the door back and forth when it opens and closes. If your track is loose or crooked, your door won't follow the proper path and can become unstable. If your garage door track is crooked, loose or in disrepair, call Action Garage Door & Service for garage door track repair. Our technicians act quickly to find the issue, replace it and get your garage door back on track.

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Garage Door Spring Repair in Tooele

Garage Door Track Repair

If your garage door has trouble opening, closing or makes weird noises when it's in use, you may need professional spring repair. The professionals at Action Garage Door & Service work safely to replace your garage's doors torsion and tension springs. These springs are important because they carry the full weight of your garage door as it moves up and down. Without these springs, your garage door will feel much heavier and won't glide through its track properly. 

While the fastest fix is replacing these garage door springs, these devices bear so much weight that it can be unsafe to remove them yourself. Call Action Garage Door & Service today for safe garage door spring repair and replacement.

Broken garage door spring repairs in Tooele.
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