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If your garage door opener is defective or you simply don't know which kind is the right choice, the garage door authorities at Action Garage Door & Services can help you. We are skilled in garage door opener repairs, programming and installation. Complete a contact form today and we'll call you as soon as possible.

Action Garage Door & Service can repair your garage door remote in Tooele, UT

Jack Shaft

This system's lifting tool functions through a threaded steel rod. They are capable and feature minimal moving parts, so there are fewer repair issues. However, screw drives are slow-moving and louder than belt drives.

Belt Drive

Garage Door Opener Maintenance in Tooele, UT

Screw Drive

This kind of opener uses a metal chain to power the opening and closing. These are the most typical, but they can make a lot of noise. They're dependable and economical in cold weather.

Different Garage Door Openers

We have many options for garage door openers. They are:

Belt drives are almost silent and have consistent lifelong performance, but they are priced higher than chain systems. Belt drives also have advanced security features to keep out intruders.

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These systems are constructed for places where a customary opener won't fit, like in garages with low or blocked ceilings. This system accommodates overhead storage options. There are models with lifetime warranties.

Chain Drive

Your garage door opener may only cross your mind once something has gone wrong with it. Garage doors typically open manually or with an automated, programmable motor device. Your garage door opener needs to work appropriately because we know that protecting what's inside of your garage doors is vital. These doors are usually well insulated to avoid heat loss. Expensive automobiles, power tools and sporting equipment are just some of the things usually found in garages across Tooele, UT. Our licensed professionals specialize in repairing garage door openers of all types and designs. If there's something wrong with your garage door or opener, we can find out the issue and provide the resources to fix it.