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Even though your garage door is expected to last for many years, occasionally that isn't the case. It could need repairing every once in a while, especially the garage door spring. In Tooele, UT, we have trained experts that can provide you with emergency garage door spring replacement for your commercial property. Our experts are familiar with every kind of commercial garage door, so fixes are easy – even the spring. If you're in need of an emergency commercial garage spring replacement service, then call Action Garage Door and Service now.

All garage doors could potentially require repairs at one time or another, even if they were made to last a lifetime. If you have any repair concerns, our experienced technicians in Tooele, UT are here to help. We promise to start working on service calls within 24 hours, and if you have an emergency, we're available. It is our goal to provide quality service for any problems you may have with your overhead door.

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Emergency Commercial Garage Door Spring Replacement for Tooele, UT

Every garage has a torsion spring, but commercial garage doors are typically a lot heavier and require a larger torsion spring. Torsion springs are both safe and dangerous. The reason they are safe is that they are set to a shaft which prevents the springs from flying off if they break. However, replacing or maintaining them is dangerous for an untrained individual. The torsion spring is under great tension and one bad move could cause severe injury, possibly death. You should always leave garage door spring replacement or maintenance to the professionals.

Most commercial doors come in two varieties: high-lift and vertical-lift. High-lift doors are good for freeing up space since the door raises closer to the ceiling before rolling back on the horizontal tracks. There’s a special drum that takes several turns of cable for the moment arm to open vertically. The cable will then get to the flat portion of the drum and act like a normal lift door when the door rolls back on the tracks.

Vertical-lift doors act differently. They rise straight up and do not roll back. These doors, however, are great for utilizing space in taller buildings where forklifts move lots of products. Vertical-lift doors typically only have one spring anchor bracket while other doors, such as high-lift doors have multiple spring anchor brackets.

When it comes to commercial garage doors, there are three different types of springs commonly used: single, duplex, and triplex. One problem with duplex and triplex systems is that springs can break inside and are often undetectable. When this happens, there won’t be any weighing issues with the door. That’s why it’s important to have these inspected regularly. 

The Importance of Torsion Springs for Commercial Garage Doors

The experts at Action Garage Door and Service specialize in all types of commercial garage doors and torsion springs. Large commercial doors and their intricacies are no problem for our professional technicians. We know how vital it is for your commercial space to have a functioning garage door. If your business in Tooele, UT is having problems, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer emergency commercial garage door spring replacement services so that you can get your operations back on track. You can either fill out our convenient, online contact form or give us a call at 801-262-5688 today.